About Us

Hey there, adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts!Β 

We're a family-owned business based in beautiful Waunakee, Wisconsin, founded by a mom of three (yep, that's me!). Β We are fueled by our family's passion for hiking, exploring National Parks, and cherishing the great outdoors. As dedicated hikers and nature lovers ourselves, we've embarked on countless adventures together, creating memories that'll last a lifetime.

Our shirts aren't just threads; they're part of our family's journey, each one inspired by our own experiences. We're all about making our apparel a conversation starter, whether you're bonding with fellow hikers or charming woodland critters with your witty style.

So, whether you're hiking, traveling, or just binge-watching your favorite adventure documentaries on the couch (hey, no judgment here!), Adventure Threads Company has your back. Life's an adventure, and our shirts are your trusty sidekick for every twist and turn.

Thanks for choosing us to be a part of your journey, and get ready to rock that mountain!